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Portable Noise Barrier

Portable Noise Barrier (P.T.N.B) is a revolutionary way of using barriers to different situation.

This barrier system is an effective noise mitigation system for reducing unwanted noise for all changing applications. Depending on situation or environment, the difference series of Portable.T.N.B can be used to mitigate unwanted noise.

heavy-duty-noise-barrier light-weight-noise-barrier portable-noise-barrier Type 4 Portable Noise Barrier
Type 1 barrier Type 2 barrier Type 3 barrier Type 4 barrier

[Type 1] Noise Barrier: Sturdy, rugged and sizable, this noise barrier is used in the environment where the surrounding is harsh. The stable design of this barrier would be the best solution.

[Type 2] Noise Barrier: Weightless, easy-carry and transportable, for a noise barrier that needs a lot of shifting from a places to another.

[Type 3] Noise Barrier (PNB): Convenient, movable to any direction and mobile way of having a noise control barrier.

[Type 4] Noise Barrier (PNB): Transportable from area to another with machinary. Design may vary according to P.E endorsement and site condition.

  • P.T.N.B is designed for different usage to enhance its mobility, durability and trans-portability.


  • P.T.N.B though has specific purpose to each series, its usage however can be changed when needed.


  • P.T.N.B offers a cost effective solution as a noise reduction system for long term usage of a minimum 5 years

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