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Noise Control Products

Jinbiao’s Noise Control Barrier is one of the best in the market. We fabricate our own product where it was first engineered in Singapore and test by PSB TUV SUD Singapore. We have one of the best test performance result in the market. Here are the types of noise mitigation that we offer:

Temporary Noise Control Barrier


Temporary Noise Control Barrier (T.N.C.B.) is a mitigation system which is effective as it reduces the noise emitted from source. Our product has one of the highest performance in the market at STC = 27dBa and NRC = 0.75. The T.N.C.B. can be easily installed on site and can be dismantled easily to be relocated or kept for future usage. The supporting structure, however, differ to suit the current environment as a solution. Each panel is light weighted making transportation easy. The panel’s thickness is 33mm and is effective as it not only reflects, but absorbs noise with the insulation inbetween the galvanized sheet.

Noise Reduction Net for Noise Control


 Tested in Japan, the Noise Reduction Net (N.R.N.) is an acoustic screen that is used by mostly demolition companies. The innovative design makes fitting and removal of the N.R.N .fast and convenient as it is typically fitted on structures. The N.R.N. is engineered from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) using the Draw Texture Yard Method thus allowing the material to be highly durable to withstand harsh weather conditions. The N.R.N. not only produces exceptional and market leading acoustic performance, it also prevents dust and fire due to its non-porous and fire retardant properties. The N.R.N has a STC = 15dBa and 1200GSM in density.

Permanent Noise Control Barrier


Equipped with 1mm galvanized powder-coated skin shell on both sidem, the Permanent Noise Control Barrier (P.N.C.B.) is the most effective system. The High Density Acoustical Mineral Wool of the panel is much denser than the T.N.C.B making it more effective. The P.N.C.B. will be placed permanently on site and will be able to last for at least 10-15years. The usage of the P.N.C.B differs from the need of the site and location as well.

Portable Noise Control Barrier


 The different site condition allows the usage of the Portable Noise Control Barrier (P.T.N.C.B.) system. The High Density Acoustical Mineral Wool in the panel absorbs sound transmitted by the source.  The P.T.N.C.B. has 4 different types to suit site condition. It aims to provide mobility and portability to the mitigation system. The reason why it is engineered as per its properties is because such barriers would have to be transported a few times within a short period and the two properties mentioned is crucial.