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About Us

Noise Control Barrier Fabrication Place

Factory place for Hebei Jinbiao, Hebei – Anping

Main fabrication plant in Hebei, Anping County

About Us

Formerly known as SONES Consultancy & Services, Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd. was founded in 1986. They started off specializing in the production of construction material in Hebei, Anping. Till then, Jinbiao has been the sole distributor and leading supplier for Anping County in China. In the early 2016, SONES Consultancy & Services expanded its services by tieing up with Jinbiao hence the name Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials. Our core product in  Singapore is the Noise Control Barrier for the construction industry.

Our Noise Control Barrier Track Records

Our Noise Control Barrier are one of the best performance in the South East Asia market. Jinbiao’s barrier is engineered and tested (by TUV SUD PSB) in Singapore as it is fabricated in our factory. Hebei Jinbiao’s Noise Control Barrier is qualified for the National Enviromnent Agency of Singapore’s Quieter Construction Fund. Jinbiao Noise Control Barriers has successfully went through various Site Noise Test conducted by the NEA and even with strict regulation to have a minimum reduction of 10dBa, our product has successfully passed all test comfortably with the Temporary Noise Control Barrier.

Jinbiao’s Fabrication

Hebei Jinbiao factory occupies 200 million acres, with more than 400 employees, 40 specialists with a registered capital of RMB 60.4 million, reaching 500 million yuan of liquidity.

On 26th December 2014, Hebei Jinbiao was listed in the stock exchange and was the first company in its local area to be listed. Late in 2016, Hebei Jinbiao transformed its fabrication to be more eco-friendly. Due to the fabrication regulation imposed by the chinese government, Hebei Jinbiao took a leap forward by going full force on reducing green-house emission and harmful gasses as an effort to take care of its environment. Products includes:

  • Wire Mesh Fences
  • Noise Control Barrier
  • Aluminum formwork
  • Gabion

Awards & Honors

Hebei Jinbiao has attained an ISO9001- 2000 quality certification. The other certifications of Jinbiao are:

  • AAA Grade Quality Certification
  • Hebei Province Outstanding Enterprises
  • Trusted Enterprise
  • Safe Production

Motto: “Quality Materials for Your Construction Needs”